BREAKING NEWS: FDA considers banning ALL online e-cig & vaping sales

Just this morning, FDA Chief Scott Gottlieb admits that a TOTAL ONLINE VAPING BAN is “ON THE TABLE.” WTF!
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BREAKING NEWS: FDA considers banning ALL online e-cig & vaping sales

During an Axios-hosted discussion panel on vaping taking place just hours ago in Washington, DC, FDA Chief Scott Gottlieb announced that he is considering a total ban on all online e-cig and vaping sales.  The band could theoretically include online purchases of everything from vape mods to Juuls, e-liquids, and even individual components like tanks and coils.  The surprise announcement follows a constant stream of recent accusations that teenage usage of vaping devices is reaching epidemic proportions nationwide.

Gottlieb and his supporters claim that the e-liquid and e-cig companies are intentionally employing kid-friendly marketing strategies to bolster underage sales. Over the past year, he has publicly threatened the possibility of an FDA ban on flavored e-liquids multiple times.  With his most recent statement regarding the de-legalization of all online vaping sales regardless of the age of the purchaser, the War on Vaping just became very real of millions of adult vapers trying to quit smoking.

C-SPAN2 videos Gottlieb discussing possible online vaping ban

The Axios event was captured via C-SPAN 2.   During his speech, Gottlieb openly admits that a ban on all online e-cig sales is “on the table” and is something that the FDA is “very clearly looking at.” However, he quickly backtracks by stating that the concept is not yet being “strongly considered.”  He then reaffirms his key talking point from prior interviews regarding teen vaping as a national “epidemic” before announcing a forthcoming “historic crackdown” by the federal agency, presumably on the sales of flavored e-liquids.

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This morning’s anti-vaping rant is only Gottlieb’s most recent televised attack on vaping taking place over the past few weeks.  In a recent interview on CNBC’s Squawk Box , the FDA Commissioner announced that a flavor ban might be implemented in as early as 60-days.   Days later, his appearance on Fox News was preceded by the airing of an FDA-funded video currently going viral on social media.  The video commercial features multiple young adults who appear to have a parasitic condition that results in grotesque disfigurements of the face and neck – the unsubstantiated implication being that teenagers who vape will are far more likely to also incur this mutilating condition.

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However, not everyone in Washington, DC, supports Dr. Gottlieb’s strong-arm tactics.   A former data strategist of the Trump Administration Matt Braynard recently appeared on The Hill TV while stating that the FDA Commissioner has “lost his mind” by targeting teen vaping rather than teen smoking. 

“What the FDA chief is proposing here — Scott Gottlieb — is not to, say, limit teenagers from being able to buy this, it’s not educating people it might be harmful but to banning it entirely for everybody including adults, which seems to me that he has lost his mind.”
“(FDA commissioner Gottlieb) is formerly of the AEI [American Enterprise Institute], a very free market institute, and if he just consulted with his former doctor and AEI scholars…who have written extensively on the minimal risks of these nicotine vape products compared to cigarettes – which are incredibly dangerous and have been killing people for over 100 years, (he) would understand that banning this product from the market wholesale will have tremendous costs.  There is great risk reduction by allowing these products on the market.”

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Whether or not the FDA implements a federal ban on the sales of flavored e-liquids (which would include both online and brick-and-mortar purchases) may no longer be the American vaping community’s biggest concern.  If Gottlieb’s Tuesday morning announcement it true, buying any vaping product of any kind may become illegal at any moment.

Not only will thousands of vape shops and e-commerce stores immediately be bankrupt, but millions of adult Americans may be forced to quit vaping and perhaps relapse into smoking once again.  Strangely, since this anti-vaping campaign of Gottlieb’s first began in early September, Big Tobacco stocks are simultaneously soaring.   

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Research shows vaping tobacco-free nicotine e-liquid helps ADHD adult patients

SEVERAL scientific studies now confirm that the nicotine found in tobacco-free e-liquids use in #vaping help ADULTS diagnosed with ADHD. NO KIDS ALLOWED!
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Research shows vaping tobacco-free nicotine e-liquid helps ADHD adult patients

While the medical community agrees that Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) usually begins developing in childhood, millions of adults also suffer with this emotional disorder.  Statistics further indicate that about 60 percent of children diagnosed with ADHD will still be dealing with its negative effects well into adulthood.

However, scientists now believe that vaping tobacco-free nicotine e-liquids may help manage the severity of ADHA symptoms.  The use of transdermal applications and intravenous injections are also showing positive results.  To be clear, vaping for children as a therapeutic treatment is not only illegal but strongly discouraged by pediatric professionals.  In adults, the vast array of possible symptoms may include the following.

  • Trouble with organizational skills.
  • Lack of mental focus or concentration
  • Increases in reckless driving and/or traffic accidents
  • “Zoning out” and poor listening skills
  • Marital troubles
  • Easily distracted
  • Difficulty starting new tasks or procrastination
  • Habitual tardiness
  • Moodiness and occasional emotional outbursts
  • Mis-prioritizing important issues and tasks
  • Substance abuse
  • Anxiety attacks
  • Chronic or periodic bouts of depression

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Adults patients with ADHD may have several of the above-listed symptoms.  They do not necessarily possess them all.   In 2001, research led by Dr. Ed Levin of the Department of Psychiatry at Duke University Medical Center in North Carolina published findings suggesting that nicotine therapies may help reduce a large number of the common symptomatic effects associated with ADHD.  The resulting paper entitled Effects of chronic nicotine and methylphenidate in adults with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder is located in the U.S. National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health (NCBI).

More research shows nicotine therapies reduce depression and anxiety in ADHD patients

In 2008, scientists from the Department of Nutritional Neuropsychiatry Southcoast Psychotherapy and Education Associates in Boca Raton, Florida, conducted nicotine research involving the dopaminergic, cholinergic and noradrenergic neurons of the brain in ADHD adults.  The researchers discovered that the use of transdermal nicotine patches as a medical therapy helps reduce symptoms of inattentiveness, memory impairment, depression, and anxiety.

Now over a decade later since the study was originally conducted, scientists also believe that vaping tobacco-free e-liquids works, too. Also published on the NCBI website, the study is entitled Transdermal Nicotine in Adult ADHD With Depression and Anxiety.

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Is Nicotine Bad? Top 28 Nicotine Benefits + 4 Negative Effects – Selfhacked

Is #Vaping Nicotine Bad? Top 28 Nicotine Benefits + 4 Negative Effects
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Fox News airs grotesque anti-vaping video during FDA’s Scott Gottlieb interview

As a lead-in to an interview with FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, Fox News anchor Ainsley Earhardt runs a newly released anti-vaping television commercial funded by the government agency.  As the video begins, the viewer hears sinister music playing in the background, much like the music that plays during a Halloween horror movie just before the next cast member unwitting becomes the gruesome killer’s next victim.

Meanwhile, the camera is slowly zooming in to the image of what appears to be a young girl doing her homework.  It is only after the camera zooms in close enough that we finally discover the teenager’s face is grotesquely disfigured by a medical condition that results in vein-like protrusions of significant size from the student’s face.

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The FDA-funded video then flashes a series of additional equally-disturbing images of teens or young adults suffering from similar mutilations.  Meanwhile, the viewer of the TV commercial hears the low-throated, eerily foreboding, monotone voiceover of the documentarian stating several mistruths about teen vaping, smoking, and nicotine.

“There’s an epidemic spreading.  Scientists ay that it can change your brain. It can release dangerous chemicals like formaldehyde into your bloodstream.  It’s not a parasite. It’s not a virus.  It’s not an infection.  It’s vaping.“

No mention of the strange medical disorder displayed in the video’s first images is ever discussed within the video itself or during the proceeding Fox News interview with Ms. Earhardt, but the message is strongly implied.  Vaping is the supposed reason why these youngsters are suffering from such horribly disfiguring ailments. Vaping is even more dangerous than “parasites,” a “virus,” or an “infection.”  Vaping – not smoking – is deadly.

Vaping versus smoking: Fox News asks Gottlieb the obvious question

Producers of television commercials often employ creative marketing strategies to entice the viewer into buying their client’s products and services.  From automobile companies to cellular phone conglomerates, businesses often highlight the product’s positive aspects in their TV ads while ignoring or deceptively masking the product’s negatives.

Marketing creativity aside, these privately-produced television commercials must always be truthful.  It is illegal to make false claims about the product or service.  Otherwise, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and other federal agencies may come calling.   For example, it would be illegal for the Nissan company to make claims that their automobiles can also fly like an airplane.  This would be considered false advertising, and therefore, illegal.

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But what if the producer of the television campaign is another federal agency of the U.S. government other than the FCC.  Do the same rules apply?    Apparently not.  This is the Trump Administration.

To be clear, vaping does not “release dangerous chemicals like formaldehyde into your bloodstream,” and there are numerous scientific studies to disprove this intentionally falsified myth.   Formaldehyde poisoning is only a possibility when the heating mechanism of the vaping device is cranked up to such alarmingly high temperatures that using the contraption in the first place would be extremely unappealing to the vaper.

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Furthermore, such excessive heating temperatures are all but impossible to replicate on most mass-marketed vape mods and e-cigarettes. Perhaps this is the reason that the FDA commercial explicitly states that vaping “can” release formaldehyde into the bloodstream rather than “will” or “does.”  In changing the specific wording, the FDA is not technically saying anything illegal.  The negative association between vaping and formaldehyde is only inferred.

During the Fox News interview, FDA Chief Gottlieb makes several additional false claims that are anti-vaping in nature.   However, he rarely addresses the issue of teen smoking – which is far more toxic than vaping ever could be.  To her credit, Fox News anchor Ainsley Earhardt does attempt to play devil’s advocate by offering Mr. Gottlieb several pro-vaping viewpoints by other politicians and vaping advocacy groups that differ from those of the FDA.

She also asks the obvious question by quoting Kevin Williams of the National Review. “If the FDA tries to regulate vaping, (could it) drive teens back to cigarettes?”  Gottlieb admits that he has “heard this argument,” but he successfully manages to divert the conversation without answering the question. 


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Fox News airs grotesque anti-vaping video during FDA’s Scott Gottlieb interview

Fox News airs GROTESQUE anti-vaping video during interview with FDA Chief Scott Gottlieb
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